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“Audrie and Daisy” Premieres at Sundance


WIVP sponsored Actual Films documentary “Audrie and Daisy” premiered at Sundance January 25th, 2016.  The high school sexual assault and cyber bullying film garnered both positive reviews and audience reaction. The film will premiere mid 2016 on Netflix. See more here.

From Variety

Like Kirby Dick’s recent “The Invisible War” and “The Hunting Ground,” “Audrie & Daisy” indicts a culture where sexual assault is rife, and where its perpetrators all too often escape any legal or other punitive consequences. In this case the milieu is just your apparently average American high school, as teenagers represent the most at-risk age group for such crimes at present. The title of Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk’s feature refers to well-underage girls violated in high-profile cases by male classmates; none of the latter received any serious punishment, while the victims subsequently committed suicide and were driven out of town, respectively. This powerful, well-crafted documentary was picked up by Netflix at Sundance; one hopes it has a long career in educational exposure ahead as well.”

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