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Mentors in Violence Prevention 2019 Student Mentor Summit

On April 26th, 2019, student mentors gathered for a leadership summit at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City, Iowa.  Volunteer mentors help training all new students entering 6 secondary schools.  They include North High School, West High School, and East High school.  The mentors will join with staff to train all incoming high school freshman in this outstanding program that prevents gender violence sexual assault, and bullying.

In addition, Sioux City middle school students are attending this year.  These young leaders will help train their classmates in violence prevention.

Sioux City was a pilot program in one school, West High School, beginning in 1999, under the leadership of West High administrators, including Dr. Michael McTaggart, and Dr. Alan Heisterkamp.  Over the years, this program has been expanded to all secondary schools, making Sioux City a national leader in program implementation.

Our thanks to all staff who volunteer their time, to our consultant Dr. Heisterkamp, and to these extraordinary students, who give their time to help shape a new generation of kids and teach respect, boundaries, and help to prevent violence in not only schools, but in their young adult lives as well.

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