After 500,000 Signature Petition, “Bully” Gets MPAA “PG-13″ Rating, Nationwide Release

After a petition drive started by a 17-year old Katy Butler and joined  by a long list of celebrities and public figures, the MPAA has relented and given Bully its “PG-13″ rating.  The Weinstein Company will now release the movie to be seen nationally rather than the limited release with no rating.  

The Weinstein Company announced an agreement with the MPAA on April 4, 2012.  Some but not all of the profanity will be edited out of the movie in return for the “PG-13″ rating that will enable a far larger audience than was possible with either an “R” rating or none at all.

The movie has enjoyed support from Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention since the filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, contacted Alan Heisterkamp and Cindy Waitt.  Part of the movie was set in the Sioux City Community School District. 

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