Gloria Steinem hosts fundraiser for WIVP sponsored film “Private Violence”

The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention joined hundreds of others at a fund raising event in Chapel Hill, North Carolina February 28th, 2010 to support the completion of “Private Violence The History of the Anti-Battering Movement in America”.

Waitt Institute provided the original seed money for a 21 minute promotional piece in 2006, and has led other donors in support of the feature length version of “Private Violence”. Completion date of the documentary is scheduled for the end of 2010.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem with Kit Gruelle

Cindy Waitt of WIVP was present for the event, held at “Spice Street’ restaurant and attended by an estimated 300 people. Featured speakers in addition to Gloria Steinem, included Anne Jones, activist and author of “Next Time She’ll Be Dead”, Deborah Tucker, Executive Director, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, and George Lardner, Pulitzer Prize winning author of “The Stalking of Kristin”.

The 21 minute promotional piece has become a stand alone film, and is being used by schools and conferences across the country.

Watch a short excerpt here: