Bully Released Amid Great Reviews, Ratings Controversy

Bully, the film supported by Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, was released in the US on March 30, 2012.  At the time of release, movie reviewers gave the movie outstanding reviews, emphasizing the film’s honest presentation of teenagers from around the country in the midst of bullying experiences of varying severity.  

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: “The best social documents on film do more than show you what’s wrong in the world – they make it personal. Bully does that with a passion.”

Richard Roeper, Richard.Roeper.com: “There’s no doubt ‘Bully’ should be required viewing in every classroom in America”

Claudia Puig, USA Today, “An Inspiring and moving documentary.”

Bob Mondello, NPR, “Bully is a wrenching, potentially transformative look at an epidemic of adolescent cruelty and adult paralysis in the nation’s public schools.”