WIVP’s New Anti Bullying Campaign Premieres on Today Show

Waitt Institute’s new Ad Council national multimedia public service advertising (PSA) campaign is launching today to educate and empower parents to talk to their children about ways they can be more than a bystander. The PSAs are being distributed nationwide to coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month. The campaign was developed by the Ad Council in partnership with AOL, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, the Free to Be Foundation, the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, and the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The PSAs were developed and created pro bono by New York advertising agency DDB New York and filmmaker Lee Hirsch (BULLY) and The BULLY Project.

Actual footage from “Bully” was used in the spot.

Waitt Institute joined the partnership in 2011 following research done by Dr. Alan Heisterkamp with 5,000 students in Iowa for the “Sioux City Project”.  The data shows that kids whose parents had spoken to them about violence and bullying being wrong were more likely to not only see this as more wrong, but were more likely to intervene when they witnessed bullying behavior.

Waitt Institute, under the umbrella of Waitt Foundation partnered from 2002-2006 in three Ad Council campaigns with partners Futures without Violence.  The campaign, called “Coaching Boys into Men” urged men to talk to boys about violence towards women and girls.  The campaign moved the needle from 29-55% of men nationally who talked to kids.

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