The Bully Project Has Big Success at Tribeca Film Festival

The Bully Project

The Weinstein Company has acquired the distribution rights to Lee Hirsch and Cynthia Lowen’s film about bullying in America’s schools. Their agreement covers distribution rights for North America, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany as well as Pan-Asian Satellite TV.

The documentary was supported by WIVP through its continuing work with the Sioux City Community School District. “As filmmakers, we are overjoyed to be working with the Weinstein Company,” Hirsch and Cynthia Lowen.

In an interview with the Atlantic magazine, Hirsch highlighted the help provided by WIVP and the Waitt Foundation. He also credited Sioux City for their unique openness, “I think it was a really brave and generous position that school district took. I really applaud them.”

Full interview at The Atlantic.