Emmy award winning documentary creators are working with the Waitt Institute to incorporate work done on the Sioux City Project into a film portrayal of bullying of America. 

The Sioux City Project
A five-year project to increase the awareness of violence and bullying among youths and expand the adult resources available to them to help combat it. 

Founding Fathers Campaign /Coaching Boys into Men 
A joint effort with the Ad Council and Familly Violence Prevention Fund

Mentors in Violence Prevention

A gender-based anti violence and bullying curriculum for middle and high schools.

Bullying in the Workplace
Extension of anti-bullying programs to include school personnel in addition to students. 

Ad Council
Expanding on the message of “Bully”, Waitt Institute was asked to join AOL, Facebook, and Marlo Thomas’ Free to Be Foundation and be part of an anti-bullying campaign directed at parents. 

Private Violence
Both a film and a campaign, “Private Violence” will premiere in 2014

Partnership with the United Way of Siouxland
A joint collaboration in public eduction and the distribution of anti-bullying curriculum.