Coaching Boys into Men / Founding Father’s Campaign

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Coaching Boys into Men Found Effective in curbing teen dating violence!  RESULTS OF THREE YEAR CDC STUDY HERE

Coaching Boys into Men


Coaches Quarterly Article by Dr. Alan Heisterkamp on Coaching Boys into Men,  SEE IT HERE

Coaches Quarterly 2010


Coaching Boys into Men / Founding Father’s Campaign

In 2000, the Waitt Family Foundation sponsored, with Futures without Violence, the first national Peter Hart Research survey that posed the question, “What would men do to prevent violence against women and girls?”The answer came back, loud and clear. Men wanted to become involved, but felt they were never asked, and they would work with boys.

Out of this came two programs: The Founding Father’s Campaign, and the awareness and on ground campaign, “Coaching Boys into Men” .Ted Waitt, chairman of the Waitt Foundation was the first national chairman of Futures without Violence’s ‘FOUNDING FATHERS” campaign, starting in 2003. see more about the Father’s Day campaign and Founding Fathers at founding

Joe Torre, Ted Waitt, Russell Simmons, and Paul Charron NewYork City 2004 at the first Founding Father's national event

In 2005, the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention committed to involving more men and boys to the violence prevention movement through the “Coaching Boys into Men” three national Ad Council campaigns. We partnered with the Ad Council and Futures without Violence to create public service announcements that raise awareness of the issue and also suggest ways that we can all help. The objective of the campaign was to engage men and have them speak to boys about how women should be treated. By influencing the attitudes and behaviors of young boys, adults can prevent violence towards women. Check out the historic campaigns at campaign focuses on teaching boys early, and often, that there is no place for violence in a relationship.

The on ground training version of the “Coaching Boys into Men” campaign kicked off in New York in 2005, with the support of  coaches and athletes M.L. Carr, Herb Williams, Amani Toomer and his father Don Toomer, the National High School Athletics Association and feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who introduced lead supporter Ted Waitt.

Ted Waitt announcing the kickoff of CBIM, NYC 2005

Download the Coaching Boys into Men brochure (pdf file) and see for the new Coaches Kit