On The Ground

Coaching Boys Into Men


As the Hart research indicated, men stated clearly that they would be willing to work with young boys to speak out against violence against women. In 2004,  Futures without Violence made the decision to gather male leaders and movement leaders, and the decision was made to use the power of relationship forged by athletic coaches with young male athletes to change social norms among young men and boys.

Key advisors were co creator ML Carr, and men already doing the work such as former NFL player Don McPherson, and women’s rights activist Jackson Katz, who had led the way with his “Mentors in Violence Prevention” curriculum he created at Northeastern University.

The on ground training version of the “Coaching Boys into Men” campaign kicked off in New York in 2005, with the support of  coaches and athletes M.L. Carr, Herb Williams, Amani Toomer and his father Don Toomer, the National High School Athletics Association and feminist icon Gloria Steinem, as well as Founding Fathers Chairman Ted Waitt.


Coaching Boys into Men” has been introduced in all 50 states and continues to grow across the country.

See the map here of the most concentrated CBIM youth programs in the U.S.

In a three year study, done in Sacramento, California, the Centers for Disease Control in the study from 2008-2011, found the Coaching Boys into Men program effective in curbing teen dating violence.  



Download the Coaching Boys into Men brochure (pdf file) and see Futures Without Violence at futureswithoutviolence.org