On The Ground

Founding Fathers / Engaging Men Campaign


Willie Mays, Sergio Martinez and Joe Torre

In 2000, the Waitt Family Foundation sponsored, with Futures without Violence, the first national Peter Hart Research survey that posed the question, “What would men do to prevent violence against women and girls?”The answer came back, loud and clear. Men wanted to become involved, but felt they were never asked, and they would work with boys.

Out of this came two programs: The Founding Father’s Campaign, and the awareness and on ground campaign, “Coaching Boys into Men”.  Ted Waitt, chairman of the Waitt Foundation was the first national chairman of Futures without Violence’s “Founding Fathers” campaign, starting in 2003.

Esta Soler Ted Talk



  • Waitt/Futures/Hart National Men’s Research to determine what men would do in violence prevention.  Implemented first MVP training in Iowa.

  • Three year ad council national campaign. 30 million donated media. Raised number of men who talked to boys about violence  from  29-41%.  First years of Founding Father’s national campaign.

  • Kickoff of Coaching Boys into Men national campaign and on ground program.  Beginning of Sioux City Project, using CBIM/MVP.  Moved number of men who talked to boys about violence to 55%.

  • DC advocacy begins.  First 10 million approved by DOJ nationwide-engaging men and boys nationwide.  First promising data emerges  in Sioux City test project on CBIM/MVP in 16 schools in Sacramento.  300,000 CDC grant for 3   year  CBIM study.  First national roundtable held in Boston with “Engaging Men” leaders across the country.

  • CBIM now in all 50 states, 23 countries, most concentrated in California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Texas.

  • Results in from CDC 3 year study on CBIM-shows movement in bystander behavior attitudes.  Sioux City Project Research shows movement with both MVP/CBIM and community wide practices.  “Engaging Men” recognized at Clinton Global Initiative with a plenary session.  Rollout of “A New Kind of Strength”-short doc on men’s movement.

  • Sioux City pilot project engaging men and boys, CBIM. MVP recognized as an international finalist United Way worldwide.  First  International summit of key men leaders in the movement San Francisco, called “The Y Factor”.

  • “Engaging men” now a strategy recognized by White House, State Department, World Health Organization and Department of Justice.  North American MenEngage formed as result of WIVP roundtable in 2007.