Workplace Bullying


Workplace bullying 2007 Zogby poll with Workplace Bullying Institute
First national study done on the prevalence in the United States.

Joining the movement to combat workplace bullying, the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention has partnered for pioneering work to bring greater awareness to the scale of this problem as well as co-develop some innovative solutions for it.  Work on the initiative began in 2007 with a partners Dr. Ruth and Garie Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute, who co-sponsored a Zogby International poll on the subject, the first nationwide survey to tackle the issue.  After researchers from the University of Manitoba and Queen’s University in Ontario released a finding that observed that workplace bullying is more harmful than sexual harassment, interest in the original piece by WIVP, WBI and Zogby picked up.


Key Findings from the Zogby poll:

Workplace Bullying is an Epidemic
37% of American workers, an estimated 54 million people, have been bullied at work. It affects half (49%) of American workers, 71.5 million workers, when witnesses are included. Bullying is Same-Gender/Same-Race Harassment Ignored by Current Law. Bullying is 4 times more prevalent than illegal forms of “harassment.” [Section 4]

American Employers Can and Do Ignore Bullying
In 62% of the cases, when made aware of bullying, employers worsen the problem or simply do nothing [Section 4], despite losing an estimated 21-28 million workers because of bullying. [Section 8]
There Oughta Be A Law [The Workplace Bullying Institute-Legislative Campaign at is attempting to effect anti-bullying state laws. 13 states have introduced the WBI Healthy Workplace Bill since 2003.]

Most Bullies are Bosses — the Stereotype is Real
72% of bullies are bosses. 55% of those bullied are rank-and-file workers. [Section 5]

Bullying Most Strongly Affects Women
Women are targeted by bullies more frequently (in 57% of cases), especially by other women (in 71% of cases). [Section 3]

Bullying is a Public Health Hazard
For 45% of bullied targets, stress affects their health. 33% suffer for more than one year [Section 7]

Bullied Individuals are not “Sue Crazy,” Many Fail to Even Complain
Only 3% of bullied targets file lawsuits. 40% never complain. [Section 7]

Perpetrators Suffer Little Despite Inflicting Suffering
Targets have to stop the vast majority of bullying (77%) by losing their jobs despite being the ones harmed. [Section 8]


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