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WIVP Sponsored “Private Violence” debuts on HBO, to Broad Acclaim


Simultaneous screenings will be held in 60+ cities nationwide

The HBO premiere date of “Private Violence” is set for October 20th at 9 P.M.  We are thrilled to see this timely documentary featuring brave advocates and survivors of domestic abuse come to light this year.The controversy over the arrest and aftermath of NFL player Ray Rice sparked a national conversation about violence in not only sports culture, but violence in our culture overall.  The Rice case also brought forward an age old question “Why doesn’t she leave?”.   Private Violence attempts to give answers to this complex subject by highlighting the difficult path women have in leaving an abusive relationship.

There will be simultaneous screenings nationwide of Private Violence the night of broadcast October 20. Currently they are happening in 60 cities and growing each day. If you would like to join other advocates and host a meeting, please go to

Currently Sioux City, Iowa has the largest number of advocates signed up followed by Los Angeles, Concord, New Hampshire, Nashville, Tennessee, and Omaha, Nebraska.

Reviews from critics who have seen the movie have been very strong. “Private Violence… shows with shocking clarity that the worst of such cases rarely involve just a single punch, and that the problem is far more entrenched than a trending-on-Twitter moment makes it seem.” (Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

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